Welcome to Yellowstone Academy

The Premier School in Houston's Historic 3rd Ward

An Academically Rigorous, Christian Education

Academic Excellence

We set high expectations for our students that encourage their individual talents and strengths.

Spiritual Growth

We encourage our students to deepen their faith through daily Bible classes and weekly chapel services.

Student Support

We help our students reach their full potential by providing social services, meals, and transportation.

A Beacon of Light

For 15 years, Yellowstone has been a beacon of light in Houston’s Third Ward providing students with a high quality education that will prepare them for their futures. Our students are bright, ambitious, and full of talent. Our job as educators is to make learning a joy for them--so that each day they come to school excited to prepare for their future.

Yellowstone is one of the few schools in the nation that is truly a community endeavor. We ask every family admitted to the school to pay a portion of the tuition costs for their student to attend and the rest of the funding required to operate the school is donated from generous individuals, businesses, churches, and foundations. Our supporters come from more than 40 Houston area zip codes providing the additional support necessary to operate the school.

We invite you to join us and walk side by side as we transform Houston’s educational landscape. Thank you for your prayers, service, and financial contributions that help make us a premier educational institution. Our success as a school is only possible with your support.

Ryan Dolibois
Executive Director

Dolibois Family-42
Ryan Dolibois
Executive Director

Mission & Vision

Yellowstone Academy’s vision is a Houston community where every child receives an education that cultivates their intellect, nourishes their spirit, and empowers them to create a fulfilling future. We believe that our community flourishes when we are able to realize the potential of all of our children. By providing an academically rigorous, faith-based education, Yellowstone Academy is answering the challenge of the education crisis that faces many students in Houston's historic 3rd Ward.

“My kids attend Yellowstone Academy. They love this school so much and they never want to miss a day. I love what they're teaching my kids. I see the progress and we enjoy it. Thanks Yellowstone!”


“It is truly a blessing for my grand-kids to attend Yellowstone Academy! Thanks and God bless!”

SHEILA WHITE Grandparent

"My children go to Yellowstone Academy and it is an amazing school!"


"We love Yellowstone Academy! Our daughter attends this great school!"